Friday 1 September 2017

Fisher Bahn II--Wiring Staging Yards,

Wiring Staging Yards. 

Keep thy wiring neat!

 I've read many posts about wiring, some are absolutely ingenious! I chose to follow the older system, using a larger caliber wire from the Transformer / Booster  combo to the distribution panels. Then connecting the feeder wires after soldering the tips, of course. 

FWIW I have been using a butane soldering iron which works well. Why, you ask?  

Two reasons:
1) While moving around under my last layout, and using a traditionally plug-in soldering iron,  I happened to accidentally place the palm of my hand on the soldering iron!!! Big ouch! Now when I am done with the short soldering chores, such as wire tips, I turn off the iron and place it in an old teflon coated pie pan and push it away!
2) While using the same traditional wire fed soldering iron, the dumb thing fell off its cradle and burned the rug! Ugly! My bad! 


This time, I am meticulous to make certain that my red / brown wire junction plugs are not adjacent to each other but safely offset.   On my old layout,  two plugs contacted each other and shorted out the entire layout....what a mess to diagnose and finally resolve the issue!  Zip tags are an easy method to identify ( and record!!!) your wiring harness.  

Remember: Experience-> knowledge-> wisdom-> success.  By sharing blunders and faux pas perhaps we will spare others !  ;-)  

Previously, my wiring was almost all "overhead" secured to the underside of the lowest level of the layout.  A few scalp scars attest why this current layout's bottom level is higher than the last one! Further, I will never secure servers, etc overhead....especially with soldering...too much danger of solder accidents.

Now, I secure wiring harnessed to a vertical plane. This particular panel is screwed to a support leg of the layout.  Note that each bus is labeled with the Zip tags. 
Bus #1: Through lanes
Bus # 2: "South bound lanes
Bus #3 North bound lanes. 

<- N,  S->

Red dots: insulating points
Black dots: Feeder wires 
Yellow lane: Main through route. 

Keep meticulous notes !!!!

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