Thursday 22 November 2012

2013 Insider Model News from Marklin/Trix/LGB

Marklin, Trix and LGB have all announced the new Insider & Profi Club models for 2013 at the Modellbahnmesse in Cologne. Full English details will follow shortly on our store website but here is a sneak preview of the new models. Click any of the images for a larger view!

Marklin & Trix HO - BR 58 Steam Locomotive (ALL NEW tooling! a set of matching freight wagons will be available)
Marklin Z - V200.0 with F-Zug train set
Minitrix N scale - BR 18 612 Steam Locomotive with Sound, Smoke & Cab Lighting
LGB G Scale - Feldschloesschen Beer Car

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Product Feature - Noch Laser Cut Minis for HO and N

Some of the most popular elements of our store layouts, both on our Noch pre-formed layouts in HO and N and our Karl Gebele built display layout, are the finely detailed plants and vegetation. Many of these details are created from the Laser Cut Minis line from Noch.  First launched in 2009, these amazing products won a Product of the Year award from Eisenbahnmagazin for Model Railroad Scenery that year and are one of our best sellers for scenery products.

Made from blends of tear-proof paper and cardstock and easily affixed with a drop of white glue, Laser Cut Minis can add a level of detail not previously available to any HO, TT or N scale layout.  Add amazing flower boxes and vegetable gardens to your towns and reeds, ferns, and lilypads to riverbanks and woods. Noch has recently expanded the line to include small laser cut structures such as a bee-keepers hutch, a railroad signal box, a bus-top as well as non-vegetation details such as patio slabs, lumber, marker posts and more!  Click here to see all the Noch Laser Cut Minis on our store website. We stock the full line!

Click the image for a larger view

Wednesday 7 November 2012

Product Spotlight - Our New Noch HO "Tannau" Display Layout

We recently received a new addition to our store - a brand new factory-built Noch HO Tannau layout.  We will be bringing the layout to the Trains 2012 show this weekend (November 10th and 11th, 2012) in Burnaby BC along with a completed N-scale Noch Traunstein layout so if you are in town, stop by and say hi!

If you can't make it this weekend here are a few photos of the Tannau layout, finished with Noch laster-cut structures and accessories (click any photo for a larger view). This is one on Noch's newest pre-formed layouts and is a great way to get started in HO scale without needing a lot of space. 

Friday 2 November 2012

Product Spotlight - ESU SwitchPilot Servo Accessory Decoder

We have just posted a new video to our YouTube channel taking a look at the ESU 51802 SwitchPilot Servo accessory decoder.  Small, inexpensive servo motors are the ideal choice for all sorts of layout animation and motion.  They are also a particularly good turnout or switch motor when combined with a digital decoder such as the SwitchPilot Servo.  They allow you to throw the turnouts on your layout with a realistic slow speed similar to much more expensive stall motor switch machines.  With a bit of ingenuity, you can create a servo linkage to control just about any element of a model railroad from various scales and sizes of turnouts to animation such as adding opening doors to an engine shed or controlling road crossing barriers.  The ESU 51800 standard Switchpilot accessory decoder also comes with two servo outputs in addition to it four standard outputs, making it ideal if you already own motors for your turnouts but want to experiment with servos as well!