Friday 1 September 2017

Fisher Bahn II -- Benchwork.

Bench Work. 

As mentioned previously, limited time and expected longevity ( some of you know exactly what I mean!  ;-)  ) seem to dictate some degree of expediency in establishing a bench work platform.

After all, the grandkids and the neighborhood kids are anxious to see Papa's layout up and running soon!  The bench work of my last layout required about 1.5 years to build...albeit whilst I was still working..additionally, my carpentry knowledge and possession of necessary equipment seemed too limiting.

Thus I reached out OnDrew Hartigan at Model I emailed my layout as designed on Railmodeller Pro ( there are lots of great programs, I just happened to choose this one, having used it before).

Within a few short weeks my layout was completed and shipped directly to my home.

                                            Bench work on pallet in driveway! Yippeee!!!!

Well anchored pallet....

Moving the modules into the garage. Zigi, the wonder
dachshund remains unperturbed! 

Assembling the modules. The distant module is the 
"vertical" module on the track plan, with the 
main level and the storage yards beneath. 


Moving the helix into position.. Helix is a master
piece of carpentry! Note the rounded base. 

Moving last module into place. This module will
be home for the Monastery, Church and the 'nur ein berg". 

Modules bolted together and leveled. Friends are 
priceless!  ;-)

Final assembly. Storage cabinets holdover from
last layout. Beautiful carpentry by a friend.  
Transformers and boosters to be located on the 
deck of the storage cabinets. 

Another view of the assembled layout. 
Assembly time: approx: 4.5 HOURS !!!! 

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