Friday 1 September 2017

Fisher Bahn II Planning and Building a New HO Layout.

Planning and Building a New HO Layout

Follow me if you wish on an adventure to build a new layout and allow me to share some tips gleaned from past personal experiences, as well as advice garnered from experts over many years.  Perhaps we can also share advice and tips with each other.  No one is a paragon of knowledge, but together we grow and learn.

As the old saying goes: " Experience begets knowledge; knowledge begets wisdom; and wisdom begets success. "


We sold our home in July 2015.  Our planned move dictated that we dismantle our beautiful HO layout after 14 years of invested time and financial resources. Painful!

This link reveals my old layout:  Salvage efforts included track, rolling stock, trees, buildings, etc.  Nonetheless three pickup loads of Sculptamold, plywood,  benchwork, and foam boards were transported to the local recycling hub totaling 1700# !!

Now the new layout:

Considerations: Layout room.

1) Location: Garage.
2) Humidity: Not an issue in the Pacific NW
3) Insulation: Cement slab floor. Moderate climate. Walls and ceiling insulated
4) Flooring: Industrial type carpet. No padding.
5) Lighting: LED track lighting.
6) Background: Mural.
7) Electrical: two 20 amp breakers for power source.

Prep the area for carpeting. Lighting installed.
Carpeting installed. Now to cover the instant on water heater.
Removable Panel. Black post to protect the gas line. 
 Background paint: Sky blue. Medium green.
Horizon  at height of main level of layout.
Alpine setting with Mural.
Panel seems to have worked out quite nicely.
Happy with the results.   ;-)

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