Wednesday 26 December 2018

Kirche Platz

It's time for an update on my layout...."life happens" and sometimes one's endeavors are interrupted.

Just finished the Kirche Platz and thought I would share some photos of the process.

The "main line" is the outer loop and with traffic descending clockwise from the 4" elevated tracks.  The inner loop traffic travels counterclockwise terminating at the Kirche Platz. The shuttles run from the Stadt Bahnhof to the Platz.

At a later time we'll find foot traffic access to the Kirche Platz from the busy city area via two bridges yet to be built, and then the hikers can cross over the tunnel and access the board at 10:00.

The next step was to weather the styrene sheets selected for the base material.....I know...not a cobble stone pattern, but the styrene sheets are very durable and offer a solid foundation.  The weathering process was tedious.    Different processes were tried over several days. Finally a satisfactory result was achieved by using a small cotton cloth dipped in a little black pigment and wiping it gently across the styrene, darkening it a little with each pass.  A total of about 12-15 passes brought out the gray and the black crevasses.

20 Lights were installed without problem.  The red hedges were added as a border, and using Noch "curb"  material, squares were created to support trees...which of course, cannot grow directly out of the stonework.  ;-)

Trees were thus planted on the Rt. side, and another planting area for trees was created at 9:00 near the front of the church.   Pink foam boards still exposed. Weathered the platforms.  Contact tracks in place so that when a train enters one of the terminus lanes, the turnout throws to direct the next train into the adjacent lane. 

Next step: adding the orthopedic gauze over the foam board, followed by sculptomoeld and rock castings 

Sculptomold completed.  Love working with that material. Rock castings included at the "north" end of the module.   People now populating the Kirche Platz....about 200 or so.

Bier garten in full swing...."oompah"  band playing. Lots of people sitting on the benches enjoying the lovely day.

Three lights inside the Cathedral....nice effect.  

Even a light in the tower....

Starting to weather the "north" wall. After several experimental attempts to generate a consistent result, I finally settled on this approach:  Air brush the surface with a dilute gray paint and after it dries,  use several black washes to coat the rock formations and bring out the crevasses and cracks in the rock work.  The final step is then to dry brush with white acrylic to make the stone detail really "pop". ....then have fun adding the greenery. 

Adding the greenery is such a fun exercise.....from the "fine" turf material, etc.

This stanchion is plumb! 

This wedding scene is in honor of our lovely daughter who is happily married with two beautiful children.

Lots of folks watching the wedding couple about to ride in their carriage....

The chapel....accessible by trail from the city....with a view of the mountains. 

Happy with the ballasting and weathering of the C track.

 Don't forget railings ....people can walk around the "old city" wall...

Hope you enjoyed this little journey....I think I'll rest against the railing and wait here to watch the next train pass......Auf Wiedersehen...  Just added two shots of the Chapel....amazing the changes when adding more greenery, fencing and people !