Thursday 24 June 2021

Developing a City Park (How to Eliminate Annoying Corners on a Layout)

I was thinking about an awkward corner of the layout.  Sharp lines such as corners are distracting and annoying to the viewer. The citizens on the layout could just “walk off the edge” of the layout!  

Completed city scenery on the corner, with proposed addition to “soften” that corner. 

Why not create a “park” for the citizens to walk, relax and to “connect with each other” ?

With this contour  the “eye” is pulled from the left side of the layout to right, and it softens the overall impact of the scene’s sharp corner. 

The mock-up progresses!   Using “curbstone”  material from Preiser: #18200. We’ll create 3 separate entrances for the park…appropriate for a city this large.

We have now added pavement with adhesive— Busch #6031… removing the “edges” and applying each section adjacent to each other.

The “Curb pieces” now glued in place.  Maybe too many park benches for our citizens?

Now we’ll add grass, trees, hedges and fencing …plus some strolling and relaxing folks enjoying the park.

Grass: Woodland Scenics: T1349 Blended Green Turf ( I “painted” dilute Mod Podge on wood surface, and then applied the grass.)

Trees: all are from Noch…with a little color

Fencing: e.g Noch #13096

Time to add some lights so the citizens can enjoy the park in the evening : Brawa  #84306 and a Clock: Brawa #5366

And I think we are done.
Now that the city lights are on, time to say Auf Wiedersehen

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