Sunday 15 July 2018

Weathering the Mountain Terrain.

Hello friends,

Over the last few days I have been attempting to weather the mountain recently constructed on the layout helix.

From Woodland Scenics I ordered the following pigment containers: Black, Stone Grey, and Yellow Ochre. I followed the WS instructions on this video:

The "Leopard Spot" technique was employed with the following results:


After:...unacceptable to my eye. The Sculptomold did not seem to absorb the dyes well compared to the rock castings, featured in the video. The "granite" rock is much too washed out and not nearly grey enough compared to my other rock terrain features. I increased the pigment concentrations, added black to the grey to make the solution more charcoal, reapplied the solution,  ...yet it didn't seem to work as desired.

Plan B:  I used the airbrush and diluted the Stone Grey pigment by 50% to "over spray" the entire mountain...This shot appears more brown than grey...but it is grey...this technique darkened the stonework and brought out significant rock relief detail.

Frontal view...better color on this shot. This grey tone is consistent with the background mural and also with the completed rock work described earlier in this blog.

Sorry for the color discrepancy...I had adjusted the color in the computer but the true color did not transfer well here.

Below: Dry brushed the rock work with white acrylic tube paste to enhance the textured detail so characteristic with the rock molds and especially the Sculptomold. 

Another view after dry brushing with white.  ....and no vegetation applies as yet. This will be fun to work with as the project progresses.   Trees, ground foliage, "moss dusting" of WS fine blended turf, drainage ponds, and gentle water falls are next.

Thanks for viewing....if you have suggestions for alternative methods, please advise.....alan

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