Friday 24 May 2013

Bahnhof Plattling Webcam Update & more

We have previously posted about our favorite railroad web cam, DEG.Net's Bahnhof Plattling camera that covers the whole station area of the busy Bavarian junction, but they have recently updated the webcam software to make it even better. With the new viewer, the video is much smoother and more detailed, and can be viewed full-screen.  iPad and iPhone viewers can also now use Apple Airplay to stream the video to an Apple TV or other Airplay device. 

A train of covered goods wagons is shunted while an
auto-transport train passes though Bahnhof Plattling.
Here are some other great European Railroad live video webcam links to add to your bookmarks;

Hannover Haupbahnhof Webcam - a live view of the passenger station in Hannover, Germany

Pforzheim, Germany - a live video of trains and trams in Bahnhof Pforzheim

Mierlo-Hout Grade Crossing - live video (2 cameras) with sound from a busy grade crossing in Mierlo-Hout, Netherlands.

Chocen Bahnhof - Live video of a busy station and freight yard in Chocen, Poland

Lippstadt Rail Line - was once a grade crossing and is now a road underpass under construction

Amsterdam Webcam - A live view of trains and trams passing outside Amsterdam, Netherlands

Please donate to the webcams if you can.  In most cases they cost more to operate than they make with donations so any assistance will help keep them online for all to enjoy.

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