Thursday 14 March 2013

Roco/Fleischmann smartRail - THE executive desk accessory!!

With the end of our annual pre-order discount program for Roco and Fleischmann new items ending this weekend, March 17th, we wanted to feature one of the most exciting releases from these firms at the Toy Fair - the smartRail rolling track stand.  Many of you may be familiar with existing locomotive roller test stands - where you set you locomotive wheels on a stand with small rollers to support each wheel or axle. These are mainly used for testing locomotives and in most cases only the powered wheels of the locomotive are in motion - for tender driven steam locomotives this means roller stands never show the amazing action of the running gear and large driver wheels!

The smartRail system is a completely new experience in that the rollers have been replaced by a continuous steel band for each rail, allowing the locomotive to run exactly as it would on your layout. The smartRail features a complete Roco Z21 digital system with WiFi built in to control the locomotive via touch controls on the stand or via you smartphone or tablet with the Z21s wireless features.  All of these features and more add up to make the smartRail the best locomotive stand we have come across.  We have one in our store and simply cannot stop playing with it. 

Order your smartRail package before March 17th and save $$$ with out pre-order discount program for 2013! Click here for our full list of Roco/Fleischmann smartRail packages.

More details and video from Roco Fleischmann below!

Roco/Fleischmann smartRail - Experience your digital locomotives like you have never seen them before! 
Acceleration, braking, light, signals of the locomotive or sound - with smartRail you can experience all functions of your digital locomotives on a rolling track bed. With smartRail you can activate all special functions that selected precision models feature for the first time in the show case, on the shelf or on the desk in your office and experience them from close up and in peace and quiet - whether it is steam, flickering fire box or digitally operated pantographs. On the world first innovation all locomotives can drive from approximately 120 up to 305 mm in length. It does not matter if it is a 2 or a 3 conductor - DCC or Motorola. Next to the operation with the function buttons the revolutionary Z21 operating system is also integrated.Get your driving pleasure on the spot now! smartRail is being offered by Fleischmann and Roco in high quality exclusive sets with selected locomotives.

smart Rail fascinates and works with the most modern technology

With smartRail you can put your most beautiful locomotives on stage. The intelligent rolling track bed with integrated digital control center accentuates your steam-, diesel-, and electric-locomotives on an elegant pedestal most effectively - in full motion and with access to all digital functions of the locomotives. You simply place your locomotives on top of the rolling track bed and start the journey. The built- in infrared sensors calibrate the distance to the “two ends” fully automatically and keep it secure right in the middle of the rolling track bed during all driving maneuvers. smartRail automatically recognizes whether it is an AC or DC locomotive and records the address of the locomotive decoder. The drive is supplied by the included power supply pack.

Simply ingenious, ingeniously simple - the operation of smartRail

You can operate your locomotives either simply and comfortable with the elegant integrated touch panel at the pedestal or with external operating devices. With the integrated Z21 function you can operate smartRail also with your smartphone or tablet PC. The classic MultiMaus system can be used as well.

The operation with the touch panel at the rolling smartRail track bed is self explanatory. With the function buttons 1-4 you can switch the functions 1-4 that have been programmed in the decoder in the factory of the respective digital locomotive that has been placed on top.(The standard functions that have been assigned in the factory by the integrated Z21 function can be changed any time with a smartphone/tablet PC or a MultiMaus.)

Play, operate and manage in a whole new dimension

smartRail has the revolutionary Z21 operating system for model railways integrated. The system that has been developed by the innovation leaders Fleischmann and Roco allows the operation of locomotives and complete model train layouts with the smartphone and tablet PC, here also with photo realistic driver cabs of the original locomotives. Operation with your smartphone or your tablet PC. The only thing that you have to do as a smartRail owner is to download the Z21 app for the operation of your locomotives from Google Play or from the Apple app store for free and to install it on your smartphone or tablet PC.

Operate like a locomotive driver in photorealistic driver’s cabs. For the Z21 app you can also install many various true to the original driver’s cabs on your tablet PC. You can get these as add-ons in your Z21 app. In the photorealistic driver’s cabs you are able to make the same moves like a real driver with the touch screen. You can choose from different skill levels starting with only accelerating and braking for the beginner all the way up to the expert level. A palette of driver’s cabs from historic to top modern locomotives is already in the selection. New photorealistic driver’s cabs of original locomotives that are available as models at Fleischmann and Roco are added continuously.

All locomotives - and more – at a glance. Z21 makes it possible to put together a register of all of your locomotives, wagons and trains - with a photo of your models and a lot of room for information to the original locomotives and your models
( when purchased, maintained etc.). This way you can always carry the entire information for your model train layout with you on your smartphone or tablet PC.

smartRail puts all locomotives on stage

The hissing of the water drainage vents of a steam locomotive, the deep hum of a diesel locomotive, the motion of the digitally operated pantographs - whether it is steam-, diesel-, or electric locomotives, all functions of modern digital locomotives can finally be observed close up with smartRail. H0 DC and AC locomotives can be put on smartRail. Regardless of which conductor you chosse: 2- or 3- wire technology - DCC or Motorola, smartRail will automatically recognize the power supply system your locomotive uses. The only limitation is the length of your models. All H0 locomotives with a length of 120 to 305 mm can be operated with smartRail. If the overall length does not exceed the maximum allowance you can also drive a locomotive with a wagon on smartRail.

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