Friday 1 September 2017

Fisher Bahn II Step 1: Automation of Staging Yards : Stop Blocks.

Programming Signals with the Central Station 2. 

Automation of the staging yards: Step 1:  Installation of "stop blocks"

1) The best Marlin references on the planet are the Digital Newsletters from the Marklin Digital Club!  Take a bow, Curtis Jeung, you are a hero to so many of us! 

2) Reference: Digital Newsletters, Vol #27:  No. 1-3 , and Vol # 28: No. 1-3

Because I retained 8 Marklin yard signals, 74371 / 76371, from my old layout, and because they really look cool when watching a train stop in the staging yards, I decided to wire them into the layout as an easy way to secure a stop block for each of the staging lanes. 

I happen to be one of those folks who needs specific instructions on how to wire or connect devices. 

To reprogram these signals I read the signal instructions, reviewed the newsletters, and decided to give it a shot. I had never used the CS to program signals before. (  CS = 60214- with current software: 4.2.1 ) 

Below is a concise summary: 

  • CS powered but turned OFF. 
  • Program Track: ( connected to Program Track slot of CS) 
    • Connect feeder wire paddles to track end  R / B 
    • Connect Yellow from signal to Red ( Brawa Plug set)
    • Connect Brn  from signal to Brn ( Brawa plug set) 
  • Connect "programming base" from original packaging to bottom of signal circuit board ( the cardboard panel that clips onto both sides of the circuit board) 
  • CS "ON"
  • Keyboard Mode: Select the Keyboard panel you wish to use. 
    • Choose the slot for the signal 
    • "Wrench" ->highlight the keyboard icon
      • Set address: e.g S 5
      • Select Icon: e.g. Sh0, Sh1 ( stop, go) 
      • red / white lights on signal should flash alternately. 
      • Close out programming mode. 
  • Remove programming base. 
  • Check signal. 
  • Your signal is now reprogrammed! 
Now, install them!  ;-) 

Addendum:  19 Sept:  Decided to save the signals for the most visible part of the layout, and not use them for the staging yards. Choices for control devices:  VM 5213,  M84, K84. All work quite well and are easy to install and program on the keyboard.  Enter the information onto the "layout" portion of the CS.  ( Marklin Digital Newsletter resource is invaluable!!!! )

Wiring for the Stop Blocks: 
1) Used "green" wire from the middle of the stop block to connect to the control module--fitting because the wire inserts into the "green" port!
2) Red wire to the outside of the stop block.
3) The group of staging lanes were insulated from the main line as expected.  Had to install another feeder wire to the "down" side of the stop block grouping for power.

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