Friday 15 February 2019

CS 3 / S88 Contact Track. "Arrival vs Departure" Options.

The original scheme for programing Contact Tracks was the Loco icon, either preceding or following a period like dot with an underline of the loco icon.  With a recent software update that scheme was changed. To my knowledge there was no announcement or explanation of the changes to those of us who own a CS 3 / CS 3 +

Below is a pic of the screen for CT 35.   Click on the loco icon in the "Event" script and the secondary  page will appear.   Note that the loco on the Event script shows the Loco "arriving".   The secondary icon shows the CT ( bar enclosed in an ovoid eclipse) as yellow ( vs gray color). This conforms to the  Loco "arriving" at the CT. 

If one wished to change the CT to a "departure" mode, then merely click on the gray icon and the Loco icon in the Event script will change to a "departure" loco. 

FYI....I finally resolved this issue with the help of the "Marklin Dudes".  

Monday 11 February 2019

Complicated Shuttle Route From Bahnhof to Kirche Platz.

Hello all....time for a fresh post.

Let's explore some various methods of train control involving signals, contact tracks and circuit tracks on a two way route to and from the Bahnhof  and Kirche Platz.

1) Examine the pros and cons:
          a) Contact tracks
          b) Circuit tracks
          c) Reed contacts.
2) Discuss the complicated "scripts" for this route ...(at least --initially complicated  )

The shuttle route is a point to point traffic pattern between the Bahnhof and the Kirche Platz--outlined in yellow marker. Note that this route crosses the main line which runs clockwise around the Kirche Platz. (Blue track is elevated track descending to the green mainline track)

 A closer view.

Below is shot of the freight lanes, the mainline, and the shuttle route. 
The Shuttle route is the second track from the left. TO 21 ( located to the left of the control tower) merges the mainline and the shuttle route to the Kirche Platz.  The C track has been weathered but not ballasted. not ballast the track until the "train control" bugs have been entirely eliminated. 
The Shuttle train emerges from the left, having exited the Bahnhof. 

The Bahnhof, with the Shuttle route on the extreme left of the four lanes.

What I learned: 
1) Contact Tracks:
     - Easy to make with C track. 
     - For one way traffic, one can control "entry" and "exit" scripts. ( The contact track is "downstream" from the signal and the stop track( which precedes the signal)... see multiple Digital Newsletters. 
     - If one uses CT's ( Contact Tracks) for two way traffic be aware that a loco going in either direction will trigger the CT the same result via the S88 regardless of the direction of the train! 
     - The CT's are invaluable to show occupancy on a track, because they are NOT MOMENTARY but "constant current" while activated. 
     - CT's can control numerous scripts with the CS2/3 

2) Circuit Tracks:
      - CirT's ( Circuit Tracks) are well suited for two way traffic train control. 
      - Each CirT can control two "functions" ..i.e, activate a signal and close a turnout.
      - Easy to install and connect to the S88. 

3) Reed Contacts: 
      - Seem more difficult to install. ( disclaimer...I have not installed one, but have inspected them) 
      - Require a magnet attached to a loco ( e.g.) to activate. 
      - Instruction pamphlet states that a Reed Contact can only control ONE solenoid. 
      - Reed Contacts are activated in BOTH directions! 

In sum, if one wishes to control traffic in both directions, the best apparent choice would be a circuit track.  

Please note that I certainly am not the final authority on this topic, but after struggling for several weeks to resolve my shuttle route the application below works!

Please refer to this diagram if you wish to follow the route control script by script. 

Below the track diagram is the script sequence if anyone should be interested. 
Signals = Red
Turnouts ( TO) = Black
Contact Track = Solid Green
Circuit Track = Green outline ( each circuit track has two connections to the S88. The numbers are listed for each)    (--> under each circuit track indicates direction of travel activation) 

Bahnhof to Kirche Platz: 

CirT 57      - Sig 6 --> Red ( stops mainline traffic) 
-->              - Shuttle stops at Sig 13 Red ( Sig 13 Red, triggered by descent route to the Bahnhof) 
                   - MANUAL RELEASE--with Signal 13 --> Green with mainline is clear.

CirT 59      - TO 19 --> Red
-->              - Sig 7 --> Green....allows entry into the ascending lane to the Kirche Platz.

CirT 56       - Sig 6 Green  ( releases mainline traffic) 
-->               - Sig 13 --> Red. ( prevents shuttle traffic from approaching the mainline) 

CirT 62        - Sig 7 --> Red. 

CT 42           - TO 19  --> Green
                     - Sig 7 --> Red
                     - TO 21 --> Red  ( makes certain that the mainline traffic remains on mainline)
                     - Sig 4 --> Green ( frees block before block controlled by Sig 6) 
                     - Sig 6 --> Red ( on entry into the next block ) 

Kirche Platz to Bahnhof:

CirT 63         - Sig 6 --> Red ( stops mainline) 

CirT 61          - Sig 13 --> Green
                         ( SIG 7 --.GREEN) 

CT 41             - TO 21 --> Green ( allows entry into the shuttle lane) 

CT 32             - TO 21 --> Red ( after entry to shuttle lane, mainline traffic route open) 

CirT 60           - Sig 6 --> Green  ( releases mainline traffic) 
 <---                 -Sig  7 --> Red 

Cirt 58             -Sig 13 --> Red

Thanks for viewing. I hope there are helpful hints here for some so inclined...and that it keeps the "learning curve" a little less steep.   Be well, blessings....alan