Friday 1 September 2017

Fisher Bahn II --Staging Yards.

Staging Yards: 


1) Staging yard  will be intentionally visible by visitors.
2) Access to all lanes of traffic in case of derailments ( on my last layout this was eventually an unsolvable problem causing me to abandon the two lanes adjacent to a wall which were not accessible! )
3) Ability to monitor the staging lanes visibly: lighting and cameras.
4) Length of lanes: to accommodate consists of at least 7 passenger cars.
5) Automation of staging lanes.

                                              Top deck ( main level) removed to access the
                                              Staging yards. Main level 42" above ground.
                                              Staging yards 34" above ground.
Note the holes in the cross beams for 
wiring harnesses.  Bench work replete with these 
Note also a 12" spaces between each side of the 
Storage lanes, allowing access from beneath the
middle of the layout if necessary. Total width: 48"
Easy reach to all lanes from each side. 
Base of staging area painted gray. 
Laying track! Yippee! 
Lanes to and from the helix, also painted 
Cameras from previous layout to spy on entry 
of trains into each side of the storage lanes. 

Camera View from small TV  
Woodland Scenics Foam track bed under C track. 
Easy to install and works perfectly to eliminate 
noise transmission to the base bench work! 
WS foam held up perfectly for me for over 14 years 
with previous layout ! 
Lighting!!!  LED rope lighting will illuminate 
the staging yards. In line Rheostat works perfectly
to adjust light intensity. 

BR 44 under the LED lights. 

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