Thursday 26 July 2018

Update Photos of the Helix

Hello all,

I've been working on the helix scenery,  attempting to refine what was previously applied, as well as adding some new aspects to the overall presentation to the viewer.   Hope you enjoy these few pix.

Some "catch up" shots:  The helix under the Sculptomold mountain. Arcade "pass though"  adds appeal.

 Another view.  There are three collecting "pools" of glacier water on the plateau just to the left of the snow capped mountain, which eventually will spill a series of small gentle water falls onto a ledges at the left side of the mountain. --more of a "drizzle of rivulets" .....

Better view of the arcade which partially encloses the ascending lane from the staging yards to the main layout on the Lt.

Added "scree"-- boulders and rocks --at the base of the mountain.  Made the scree using old fashioned hammer with old plaster of paris rocks enclosed in a towel.  Soaked the rocks in gray dilute pigment and dried them on paper towels. The smaller the better!

More scree on this side of the mountain...again..another method to soften the "hard" line borders between rocks, ballast and Schulptomold....

This technique really softens the visual lines between the base of the mountain and the ballast.

Starting to build around the base of the mountain. Goal: to have multiple gentle water fall streams   cover the face of the mountain under the collecting pools on the left side of the mountain plateau, and have the streams collect in a small basin below which then forms a gentle stream running along the base of the mountain from Lt. to Rt. The "base" is now painted green.  ( I had to paint this surface...I made a mess of the white surface while staining the mountain.--spots and drops all over the place ! ) ( BTW.....lots of "drop cloths" on the floor under the working surfaces.)

Just when you think you have a project all "figured out", "uh oh" appears. Problem: the vertical drop from the top edge of mountain will not hit the base well, so I added two ledges ( hot glued cardboard pieces to the wall )  onto which the water streams will hit the surface then fall to the pool below.

Sculptomold on the ledges, forming a small pond and egress stream with two water falls before exiting the layout on the Rt.

First water fall below the collection pond at the mountain base with stream flowing around the mountain.

Further developed.

Steam exit stage Rt!

Completed allow to dry, stain and ponder how to make realistic water with falls!!!

Even applied Sculptomold around the base of the mountain, and "outlined" the viewing windows into the helix itself.

Finished the day with static grass / catenary and other scenery to the left side of the viaducts.

Thanks for's fun sharing the development of this layout with you.

Be well, blessings...alan

PS...I highly recommend the series of YouTube videos by Luke Towan ....excellent !!!! Best I could find...this guy is a real master !


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