Tuesday 7 May 2019

Landscaping Part II

Thank you once again for "tuning in" to the is little journey with my layout.    I am having fun documenting the progress in its construction. 

We already covered the techniques with the previous post...so let's just show some developmental pix. 

The next area to scenic is the one at 3:00 with the smaller wooden bridge.  We already discussed the crossing with the "pedestrian" bridge.  

Walkway to the bridge carve with sculpting hot iron. 

In the last post we discussed the section to the left of the tracks. ....it is still "curing" ( drying --may require about 7-8 days to cure )  Now we are focused on the section to the right of the tracks....already scenic'd with rock moulds and Sculptamold ( SC).   Track is weathered and the curves are "super-elevated" with 3mm foam strips ...trains look cool traveling around the curves ! 

You can see the wires on the distant side of the Pedestrian bridge...which when connected will illuminate the bridge interior. 

More cantenary to be added....

Preparing the outside section...how gluing foam scraps to build an outline. 

Again note the canting of the  track with the 3mm foam board. 

This terrain "notch" was intentional in its location.....placement of trees, terrain features,  and contour of mountains should all have a purpose, and that is to take the viewer's eye to a specific location on the layout.  That intended "target" for the viewers can be a section of the mural, the church, the helix, or just to pull the eye thru the "gap" in the mountains following the trains.  

I was taught by some very accomplished modelers who emphasized that it is better for the train to "dance" in and out of terrain features rather than to disappear into a tunnel.  

Sorry...lighting not perfect...but note the multiple rock moulds.  The black washes certainly make the details jump out.   That's all for now...on to the next post.....thank you for participating.....

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