Friday 15 February 2019

CS 3 / S88 Contact Track. "Arrival vs Departure" Options.

The original scheme for programing Contact Tracks was the Loco icon, either preceding or following a period like dot with an underline of the loco icon.  With a recent software update that scheme was changed. To my knowledge there was no announcement or explanation of the changes to those of us who own a CS 3 / CS 3 +

Below is a pic of the screen for CT 35.   Click on the loco icon in the "Event" script and the secondary  page will appear.   Note that the loco on the Event script shows the Loco "arriving".   The secondary icon shows the CT ( bar enclosed in an ovoid eclipse) as yellow ( vs gray color). This conforms to the  Loco "arriving" at the CT. 

If one wished to change the CT to a "departure" mode, then merely click on the gray icon and the Loco icon in the Event script will change to a "departure" loco. 

FYI....I finally resolved this issue with the help of the "Marklin Dudes".  

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